The River

The Vaal River, one of South Africa’s major waterways, is an integral part of Barnfires Farmhouse Retreat. Not only does it provide water for our people, crops and animals, but it also offers a host of activities from adventures to contemplative or spiritual experiences.

Its banks are just 100 metres from the guesthouse, allowing easy access. There is a parking area 20 metres from the water.

This section of river is relatively close to the Vaal Dam wall so consequently the water is pollution-free – enabling safe watersport activities.

Two fully equipped inflatable kayaks are available for daily hire. These extremely stable and safe craft enable adventurers to explore our section of this beautiful river.

Fishing is another pastime which makes this section of the Vaal a go-to destination. Various yellowfish, tilapia, carp and catfish are only some of the freshwater fish indigneous to this river.

Please note that in accordance with local conservation regulations Barnfires adheres to a strict Catch-and-Release Policy. Also, fishermen are under no circumstances allowed to litter, or to cook with an open flame (braai or gas) alongside the river because of fire regulations.

This exquisite section of the Vaal River is a SHARED SPACE.

This means that it is open and available to all living creatures on the farm: all of our guests whoever they may be, our horses and other livestock who drink at its banks, as well as the resident animals such as the water monitor who lives in the big hole at the bottom of a tree.