Our Animals

If you come to Barnfires Farmhouse Retreat expect to encounter many animals

This is a working farm and a delight for those who enjoy engaging with an old-fashioned farmyard. Animals are the reason why the Newby family organised itself in this animal-ridden environment, and it’s the animals that set the tone for a Barnfires experience.

Lawrence the Awassi ram relaxes with his ladyfriend Kathynel, a Dorper ewe.
Claudette, an  Île-de-France ewe gave birth to Vladimir the previous evening. Her well-developed udder bodes well for Barnfires’ sheep milk cheese plans.
Our cheesemaking has always been shaped by our faithful Saanen goats who have provided unstintingly. The bloodline goes back through Klara who was acquired from Fairview near Paarl in the Cape as an unwanted kid.

We’ve got horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats. And that’s not counting the wild ones; the water monitor who lives down at the river, ground squirrels and various species of mongooses and plovers along with raptors and waterbirds. They define our existence.

equestrian activities

Mila Newby is the driving force behind all equestrian activities. She has been riding for a long time, has overseas experience in equine care and is as happy taking beginners on a bridle-led walk as she is accompanying an advanced rider on an outride. She is Level Three qualified in First Aid 

book an outride or a beginner’s ride with mila!

Book a Barnfires horse experience with Mila. Her horses range from safe plodders for beginners to equines that challenge the skills of advanced riders.

be careful when around animals

Our animals will not bite, kick or harm you on purpose or without reason. They are not inherently dangerous.

However, please remember that they might respond to strangers suddenly interacting with them, and there is always the possibility of someone getting hurt. So we ask you to approach them with caution and refrain fom engaging with them at close quarters unless a Barnfires staff member is supervising the interaction. This applies particularly to children.

On no account can any of the animals, including the horses, be sat upon or ridden unless a ride is fomally booked and supervised under controlled conditions.