Weekends & Events

We prefer to reserve weekends at Barnfires for SPECIAL THEMED EVENTS or PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION WHOLE GROUPS.

The Special Themed Events will follow recurring themes that are rotated on a monthly basis. If there is a fifth weekend in a month, it can be booked for any purpose that might suit a guest-group or social requirement.


(First & fourth weekends of the month)

These could be workshops that deal with such subjects as:

  • Cheesemaking & other Culinary Matters
  • Beginner’s Horse-riding & Animal Experience.
  • Crafts & Creative Pursuits
Feta made at a cheesemaking workshop
Fresh-cut Panneer


(Second weekend of the month)

These weekends concentrate on any business or corporate issues where employees or stakeholders need to get together to pool knowledge, optimise syngergies and redefine missions – in an appropriate environment.


(Third weekend of the month)

Barnfires on the banks of the Vaal River with its peaceful country atmosphere, clean air and quiet surroundings offers the perfect venue for spiritual or religious retreats. Any group that wishes to celebrate, explore or reinforce the religious or spiritual beliefs that binds it together is welcome.

4.SOCIAL/open use

(Fifth weekend of the month, if applicable)

These weekends provide a relaxing environment for family and friends to enjoy each other’s company while taking advantage of Barnfires’ farm and adventure offerings.

Family picnic by the river.

NB Please note that if you book sufficiently early and require one of these weekends shifted from its scheduled monthly slot, this is possible BY ARRANGEMENT.