Welcome to Barnfires Self-catering Farmhouse Retreat.

Barnfires is a 38-hectare working farm and guesthouse complex in the Free State province of South Africa, on the banks of the Vaal River, about 10 kilometers from the small town of Deneysville.

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We like to think of Barnfires as a special place… a safe space where visitors can relax and recover from the rigours of a demanding world. A place that insulates and protects people from an often hostile environment and offers peace, tranquility and the opportunity to reflect on how best to address a challenging future.

Because at Barnfires we believe that there is a better way of going forward and we strive to align our belief systems with the way we run the farm; operate the guesthouse; care for our animals; interact with our guests; and so make a positive contribution to the well-being of the world and society around us.

If this approach to living strikes a chord – then visit us at Barnfires and perhaps you’ll be inspired.

PLEASE NOTE: We are Pet Friendly. And if you don’t like animals, Barnfires is not the place for you!

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